Privatunterricht - Schischule Postalm

Ski & Snowboard

Treat yourself or the family to private tuition with a professional instructor. We can tailor this specifially to your needs.

  • flexible hours, so you can get the most out of your day. Starting from 09.15
  • you are not bound to group lesson times
  • easy introduction to snowsport for beginners - children will learn quickly and more intensively
  • pace of learning specific to you, free from fear or stress
  • ability is improved by technical exercises
  • Priority entrance at Lift 1, to avoid queueing
  • On request, we can reserve your favourite instructor for you

Cross country

The Postalm Active Centre isn't just suitable for skiing and snowboarding, it's also a great walking and cross country skiing area. We'll gladly help you take those first steps on cross country skis.

Whether classic or skating styles, we're happy to help. In our experience, one hour's tuition at a time is enough, and we can arrange further appointments afterwards.